Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Wars + 37

Looks like Vampire Academy totally pwned House of Night last week. This week we're sticking with the banned bookie fun. FIGHT!

Leah Greene is dead. For Laine, knowing what really happened and the awful feeling that she is, in some way, responsible set her on a journey of painful self-discovery. Yes, she wished for this. She hated Leah that much. Hated her for all the times in the closet, when Leah made her do those things. They were just practicing, Leah said. But why did Leah choose her? Was she special, or just easy to control? And why didn’t Laine make it stop sooner? In the aftermath of the tragedy, Laine is left to explore the devastating lessons Leah taught her, find some meaning in them, and decide whether she can forgive Leah and, ultimately, herself. (from


Once upon a time, I was a little girl who disappeared.

Once upon a time, my name was not Alice.

Once upon a time, I didn’t know how lucky I was.

When Alice was ten, Ray took her away from her family, her friends her life. She learned to give up all power, to endure all pain. She waited for the nightmare to be over
Now Alice is fifteen and Ray still has her, but he speaks more and more of her death. He does not know it is what she longs for. She does not know he has something more terrifying than death in mind for her.

This is Alice’s story. It is one you have never heard, and one you will never, ever forget.


Anonymous said...

Living Dead Girl for the win. SO much love for that book - it's beautifully written, haunting... gah.

Marce said...

I really enjoyed Lessons from a dead girl, i'm voting for that one.

Anonymous said...

I truly loved both, but I'm voting for Living Dead Girl.

fredamans said...

Lessons from a Dead Girl.

The Lovely Reader said...

Oh! Living Dead Girl! Made me cry so much! "One you will never, ever forget" SO TRUE!

Luke said...

LESSONS FROM A DEAD GIRL!!!! Definitely!! It's the best book I've ever read! It definitely deserves to win!!

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