Friday, January 30, 2009

Proof that I'm Really 10 on the Inside

Ok, so I'm obviously missing out on some good graphic novels for kids young enough (biologically speaking) to be my children. Look at this rabbit. Look at him! OMG cute! Although I doubt that's what the creators were going for since it's a series aimed at boys from ages 5 to 10. As you can see, I'm not what you'd really call part of the target audience. Nevertheless, I'm sure I'd still be entertained by such a graphic novel. You're talking to the chick that flips cows for Shaun the Sheep. How could you not? What evil bastard doesn't like those sheep? Bring him to me and I shall smite him.

Anyway, back to the bunny. According to Publisher's Weekly, Random House is the lucky publisher to get its talons into this wacky looking piece of reading that's sure to be a huge hit not only in their intended age bracket but beyond. I mean, look at he cover of the next one. It has pirates on it. Bunny pirates! OMFG! How could this not be love? Again, probably not the emotions RH is going for since young boys probably don't emote like that but oh well.

The more self-important people have a tendency of looking down upon graphic novels as if they're somehow lesser forms of art (like genre and YA, while we're at it). As if it's somehow so much easier to just doodle off something and call it a book than it is to write real lit-ra-ture. Personally I'm more concerned with getting the kids to actually read the books than really worrying about what others think of the quality. If it tells a good story and gets the kid entranced in a book, I don't really see the problem (theoretically speaking).

Of course we see it more now than ever that kids need to be reminded of the very firm line between fantasy and reality (remember those kids imitating Beavis and Butthead back when and one getting killed? or how about the Twihards that scratch at their necks when meeting Robert Pattinson saying 'I did this for you!' if you're looking for something a little more recent) and while most have their heads firmly planted on their shoulders, some don't. Yes, it's just a book but the more impressionable the child is, the more they're going to see it as. They're not called rabid fans for nothing. Let them have their head in the clouds so long as they have at least one foot planted on the floor, is what I say.

What I'm saying is reading is reading and at this point, beggars can't be choosers. Parents, at any age, should make an effort to know what their children are reading, or want to read, and read it with them. It won't hurt and I can guarantee it won't be a waste of anyone's time. You might not get it, whatever it is they're reading, be it pirate bunnies or rock hard vampires, but it'll give you a better understanding of your child and it'll open more doors for discussion. That's never a bad thing.

And now I leave you with some Shaun the Sheep--

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