Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prepare To Get Bitten

Hi and welcome to Bites, my book review blog.

Right now you might be wondering why Bites is the title of a book review blog, not to mention its theme (if you're not, well, TS, either suffer through the explanation or skip ahead). Well, I have a tendency of being . . . honest in my reviews. I don't like holding things back because I find it detrimental to the work and the author. That being said, that kind of brutal honesty doesn't always make for a nice, fluffy review. But this is how I do it. No-holds-barred, Doberman Pinscher style. And yes, I'd want the same done to my work. It's one of the only ways to improve.

Now that you know my style, you might be wondering what makes me qualified to tear into a work like a rabid dog on meth. I could list all of my numerous qualifications or you could just read my reviews and decide on your own if they hold any merit. If you don't think my opinions hold water, my resume isn't going to convince you otherwise.

With that being said, here's the deal. Right now I'm reading mostly YA with a couple MG and contemporary adult fiction thrown in. I have a HUGE backlog of a TBR pile (I bet you thought I was exaggerating) that I plan on getting to sometime this century but if you're willing to get an honest review of your book, I'd be willing to push it to the head of the pile, especially if it's an ARC. But please, DO NOT ask me to review a book unless you're sure you're prepared for the review. Like I said, I don't hold back. Don't get me wrong, you'll walk away with your original orifices intact but I'm not necessarily going to sugar-coat anything either. For safety's sake, read a sampling of the reviews I have here already so you know what you're getting into. And just so you know, I read with more of a writer's and editor's eye than a reader's eye (unfortunately, sometimes). Once a review is published on this site, it won't be removed (unless the reasons are legitimately legal). You can't say I didn't warn you.

Another word of warning--my time is limited. As you can see from my TBR pile, I'm a little backed up. I'm not a slow reader but reading is not all that I'm doing in my life. Because of that I have to be selective of the books I take on to review. I don't have a choice. I'd drown in dead trees otherwise.

So, do you still want a thorough, honest review of your book? Then go ahead and send me a request at If you're a publisher or an author, please let me know if it's an ARC and needs to be reviewed by a specific date. Deadlines are my friends and they will be met, usually by the curb at the main mall entrance. If you're a reader and would like to recommend a book for me to review, by all means be my guest but please note that it'll be added to the pile and I'll get to it when I can. But I will get to it.

Please be sure to include a short blurb of the book you'd like to be reviewed. I won't consider a request without one. And please don't take it personally if I choose not to review a book. Chances are it just didn't interest me. It's been known to happen.

The review itself will consist of the book blurb (from the back of the book,, or wherever else), my in depth review and a bite rating, the highest being five bites (see the sidebar). In this case, the more bites you get, the better.

Right now I'd prefer only YA review queries but if you have something else that you think I should look at, don't hesitate to send it.

Ok, I'll shut up . . . for now.

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Lenore said...

I have that book of 100 short horror stories. Bought it for Daniel one Christmas.

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