Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And now it's time to say goodbye . . .



I'm done.

This is not a test.

I am not joking.

It is not April 1st.

In fact it's October 24th.

Nothing direct happened to me.  This isn't a result of internet douchebags getting their dicks in a twist about something I said.  It was just time for a change.

A change I couldn't make here.

I'm sure this seems rather out of the blue since I've been posting regularly for nearly four years now with barely a break thrown in.  Except for these last couple of weeks of radio silence.  I was busy building.

I guess you could say I got tired of the same old thing.  And tired of ALL THE FUCKING DRAMA.  And tired of being a little pigeon-holed.

I've been swishing this around in my head movies probably since the beginning of the year.  Some kind of major reformation.  A change.

Except once you've branded yourself it's kind of hard to make that change.  Buying another pretty layout won't change your content or reputation.  Especially for someone that's been around as long as I have.

And that's okay.  I'm at a point now where I can walk away and be okay with it.  I've had my run here at Bites.  Now it's time for something different.  Time for something more MATURE.

Yeah . . .

Little did I know that my evil twin, Laura from A Jane of All Reads, was feeling the same way.  With the will to blog all but dead inside of us, and both of us in dire need of a change, we came together, knocked each other up (hey, if you can have MPREG, you can have girl on girl internet babies) and pushed out our loinfruit -

This is where we us are now.  The theme is far more adult, there's a fuck of a lot more swearing and there are cookies.

Will I be gone from Bites?  Yes.  But I'm not done blogging.  I just needed something new.  Bitching, Books and Baking is that newness.  We're still loading content but you'll still see my familiar reviews along with a rather new voice or two.

I'll still be checking my litbites email and I'll still be reviewing the books I've already received for that specific purpose.  It'll just be done over there.  Rip the bandaid off quick and all of that.  I do have a winner to email for Margaret Willey's FOUR SECRETS.  I won't forget about that.  Thanks to everyone who make my time with Bites awesome.

So come see me (and Laura) at our new home and come bitch, read and bake with us.
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